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Customs change at the entrance to Ukraine

        At 25 of august will begin a new law on foreigners crossing the border of Ukraine. Citizens of 90 countries for entry into Ukraine to bring the money at the border - 70 living wage (12 620 UAH) - cash or cashless.
        In the list 85 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Among them there are, for example, India, China, Iran, Albania, Mongolia. The list also were five members of the CIS: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Moldova. For Moldovans living in border areas, allows a simplified permit. Extracts from the bank confirming the presence of any amount required to be accessible to the Ukrainian border guards language - Russian or Ukrainian.
       To cross the Ukrainian border, without having a 12 620 UAH, may:
- Children under 18 years old;
- a person with a temporary registration in Ukraine;
- foreign students who study in Ukraine and enter the educational visa;
- citizens traveling in transit;
- regular buses, drivers, teams train crews;
- citizens who have documents сonfirming the booking or the payment of accommodation and meals in Ukraine;
- the citizens who have a letter of guarantee of the private entrepreneur or legal entity that promises to ensure their stay in Ukraine;
- tourists who came in organized groups and having a contract of tourism services (vouchers);
- Moldovan citizens living in border areas (16 districts of Moldova, including the five areas of Transnistria). These citizens have the right to move only in the border area of Ukraine (in the three regions of Chernivtsi Oblast, three - Vinnitsa and 12 - Odessa). For longer trips must be in possession of money required.
     In May 2009, Parliament passed a bill requiring foreigners and stateless persons to provide their biometric data for their fixation during the issuing of entry visas in diplomatic and consular offices of Ukraine abroadAs well as during the passage of border controls at crossing points on the border.

August 20, 2009

 Source: NEWSru.ua

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