четверг, 8 октября 2009 г.

City of kindness

26.09.2009 to 11.10.2009 at the biggest square of Europe is held the only
Ukrainian festival of kindness. Main objective of the event - to grow up a
sense of kindness, compassion and willingness to come to the aid.

 Symbolic "City of kindness" was
constructed of branch in the form of a giant jack - simbol of the family. In
its construction under the guidance of professional builders, architects and
designers everyone was able to take part.

Inside it, in the middle, in the form of the sun
is the heart of flowers. At the edges of the "nest" are available
stands, where may write message of good deeds, witnesses or parties to whom
they were, all who wish. I liked the stand of "Good wishes", where is
written everything from "I want to pass the exams" up to request to
the authorities to increase the number of playgrounds.

Of course,
in the nest is eggs. Each grows his own grain of kindness. One for love, second
for happiness, third for purity.

  Each day during the festival are held: Day of
dance, Day of song, Day of thought, Speech day, Day of the theater, Day of
creativity, Day of forgiveness , Children's Day, as well as children's drawing
exhibition, seminar of Ukrainian Charity Forum, Social Poster Competition,
Charity Action "Desire to have a child in the desired time".

 The festival is organized by the Foundation
"Kindness", which carried out activities such as "New Year's
Ball kindness for students with disabilities", the action "Trapper
Keeper for orphans", a drawing contest "Kindness eyes of
children", action "Postcard-congratulation for the veteran".

In my
opinion, despite a small number of exhibits, people who
have visited this city, imbued with a sense of something beautiful.

I think
this event - a great idea, our town will be better.

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